HE3DA® is a nanotechnology platform that pushes the boundaries of lithium batteries a few decades forward.

The company HE3DA s.r.o. is engaged in applied research and development of battery technologies and their marketing. It has developed the technology and process of manufacturing batteries with 3D spatial electrodes based on the HE3DA® lithium nanomaterials.

HE3DA® is a technology platform that meets all the requirements for successful and mass introduction to the market. The company has completed the development of the battery with technical and economic parameters enabling its mass use as a large-capacity, backup and balancing source in energetics.

Advantages of the HE3DA technology

HE3DA® is not just a single battery, but a new technology platform. The use of current active materials at the nano level and innovative design solutions of battery cells enable much greater thickness of electrodes up to 2 mm and much larger cells up to a capacity of 100 kWh. The main competitive advantages of the HE3DA technology include:


Size of one cell

The cell size is up to 100 kWh


Long service life

The service life is more than 5,000 cycles.


High level of safety

The HE3DA batteries have unprecedented safety parameters. They do not burn and do not explode due to the absence of organic substances (except for the electrolyte), low internal resistance and the ability to function in a potentiostatic mode.


An important advantage is also the 100% recyclability of the battery cell at the end of its service life. The cell can be easily disassembled, the materials separated and reused.

Universal use of the HE3DA batteries

The HE3DA technology allows flexible cell design with parameters that correspond to the intended use (capacity, charging and discharging time, price, volumetric capacity, shape, etc.).

Lower costs

Compared to the 2D lithium batteries, the HE3DA batteries have significantly lower production costs, even compared to other alternative technologies.





Use of the HE3DA technology

Energy industry

Automotive industry

Astronautics and aeronautics

Revolutionary innovation in energy storage

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