Use of the HE3DA technology

Energy industry – Automotive industry – Aeronautics and astronautics

Energy industry

Balancing and stabilizing large-capacity battery system

The technical and economic parameters of the HE3DA® technology enable mass use in energetics. The parameters of the cells and of the entire battery system can be set according to customer specifications, or according to the needs of the segment.

  • Tip balancing
  • Frequency control
  • Island networks
  • Stabilization of renewable resources
  • Backup sources
  • Volt/VAR control

The modules can be easily combined into large systems. Thanks to the low number of cells and the innovative BMS concept, the installation of the HE3DA® battery system is very simple, and the entire system is in fact maintenance-free.

Automotive industry

The HE3DA® technology brings a real alternative to lead car batteries, it also enables a great shift in the development of electromobility.

24V car battery
HE3DA comes with an alternative to safe and affordable lithium starter car batteries. The battery meets all the necessary parameters, i.e. power, mechanical resistance and operating temperature up to 80°C.

48V car battery

The 48V car battery represents a number of innovations in the automotive industry. Once car makers are ready to use them, HE3DA is able to supply these

batteries with the dimensions and weight of today’s lead-acid batteries, without the need to change the body design.

Batteries for electric cars

HE3DA is the way to a safe and affordable high-performance battery with fast charging. The HE3DA batteries, which are designed for electric cars, now achieve the following parameters:

specific capacity of the battery system 520 Wh/liter, 125 Wh/kg,

charging time 70% in 15 minutes, 90% in 30 minutes.

Fast DC/DC charging station
Battery charging stations can stand wherever people with electric cars need them, even though there is not enough mains power.

Battery specials – Aeronautics and astronautics

The effort to achieve parameters that are currently considered to be a borderline is our driving force for further development. That is why, within the framework of development and production, we also want to focus on battery specials as they will move our possibilities even further:

  • Aeronautics and astronautics
  • Microbatteries for medical applications and electronics

HE3DA technology

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