A new generation of battery technology

The company HE3DA s.r.o. is engaged in applied research and development of battery technologies and their marketing. It has developed the technology and process of manufacturing batteries with 3D spatial electrodes based on the HE3DA® lithium nanomaterials.​

HE3DA® is a technology platform that meets all the requirements for successful and mass introduction to the market. The company has completed the development of the battery with technical and economic parameters enabling its mass use as a large-capacity, backup and balancing source in energetics.


The HE3DA® technology removes ballast from the battery, optimizes the properties of nanomaterials and electrode morphology. It allows much greater thickness of the electrodes, and thus new and very advantageous design solutions.

The technology in question guarantees a much higher level of safety of the lithium battery and at the same time leads to a wide range of completely new technical solutions with such technical and economic parameters that are unavailable so far.

The HE3DA® technology allows the thickness of the electrodes to be adjusted, thus adapting the capacity of the battery and the speed of its charging and discharging. Other parameters can be conformed by selecting the materials used.

Our mission and vision

Efficient energy storage is an important milestone in further technological development. We believe that the results of our activities will bring a long-term conceptual solution to this issue.


We want to supply batteries to the market that will enable the full use of the potential of renewable sources, safe and efficient operation of distribution networks and at the same time the mass development of electromobility.


We will enable efficient energy storage on a massive scale, thus helping the rapid development of new technologies in the energy, automotive and other industries. An achievable vision for our technology is a battery with parameters of 1 kWh / 1 liter / 1 kg.

Production HE3DA

The first fully automated line for pilot the production of HE3DA® 3D batteries with a production capacity of 10 MWh per year was put into operation in December 2016 in Letňany, Prague. There, the production technology was tested and the production processes were set up.

In September 2020, a production plant of the company Magna Energy Storage a.s., which produces HE3DA batteries, was opened in Horní Suchá in the Region of Karviná. In the first phase, the production capacity of the HE3DA battery cells reached 200 MWh per year. Subsequently, the capacity will be expanded to 1.2 GWh per year. Further expansion is then planned to achieve a target capacity of 15 GWh per year. More information about the project can be found at www.magnastorage.cz

People in HE3DA

Ing. Jan Procházka

Ing. Jan Procházka

President of HE3DA s.r.o.

Ing. Jan Procházka worked in the USA for many years, where he focused on the study and development of technology for the production and practical use of nanomaterials based on inorganic oxides.

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Radomír Prus

Radomír Prus

Hlavní investor HE3DA s.r.o.

Radomír Prus was born on 20 May 1978 in Karviná, where he graduated from the Secondary Industrial School of Electrical Engineering. In 1999, he started building the company Exelsior Grou

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HE3DA technology

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