HE3DA® technology is now patent protected until 2042

With the official granting of the patent for the HE3DA nano-ceramic separator, which came into force on 31 January 2024, the entire lithium cell technology is also protected, as this separator is an essential part of the HE3DA® battery, ensuring its unbeatable safety.

The nano-ceramic separator, a key component of HE3DA technology, has been carefully designed to improve the safety, structural integrity and thermal stability of lithium-ion batteries. The introduction of the nano-ceramic separator addresses one of the most pressing battery safety issues – thermal runaway (spontaneous combustion). Traditional separators made of polymer materials can shrink or melt when exposed to temperatures above 50°C, leading to short circuits and battery failures. In contrast, a nano-ceramic separator maintains its shape and functionality even under extreme thermal conditions, significantly reducing the risks associated with battery operation.

In addition to safety, the nano-ceramic separator also contributes to overall battery life and performance. Its robust nature reduces internal resistance and thus increases the energy efficiency and output power of the battery. This leads to longer battery lifespan and more reliable energy storage, which is particularly beneficial for high demand applications such as grid balancing systems and renewable energy systems.

The environmental impact of this patent cannot be underestimated. By improving the safety and durability of batteries, HE3DA technology contributes to the reduction of electrical waste and supports a more sustainable life cycle for energy storage devices. At the same time, thanks to the 3D design, HE3DA® batteries can be efficiently recycled (already today this process meets the parameters defined by the European Union for 2050). This is in line with global efforts to minimize the ecological footprint of new technologies and thus supports the transition to a more sustainable and circular economy.

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