Anniversary of HE3DA lithium battery storage and Thrust2 land speed record and supersonic record

Five years ago, HE3DA signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the University of Nevada LV and provided battery storage for important genetic research on boiling water microorganisms (thermophiles). In addition to supporting UNLV’s research, HE3DA pursued a similar goal of verifying the ability to operate its batteries under extreme conditions.

KTVN2 News reported on the HE3DA project in 2018 The HE3DA® 20KWh energy storage system replaced the original lead-acid batteries with a total capacity of nearly 40KWh and will celebrate its fifth anniversary of trouble-free operation on October 5, 2023. In the truly extreme conditions of the Nevada desert, where temperatures vary by as much as 30°C between day and night, and we see temperatures as low as -20°C in the winter, while 40°C in the summer is no exception, with high concentrations of alkaline salts and superfine dust in the air, the storage has stood up well. According to ranch owner David Jamieson, he would have to consider replacing and purchasing a third set of lead-acid batteries in this time. HE3DA ® lithium batteries, unlike lead, are maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and can be used to their full capacity. Practically, one gets half the weight against lead, full capacity utilization (instead of half) and at least four times longer life in the same conditions. Simply put, the HE3DA ® lithium battery is 16 times more advantageous compared to lead. Operation monitoring:

The celebration was attended by many important personalities, including British racing team THRUST, which holds two unbeaten speed records, with Thrust2 and Thrust SSC Chief Engineer Dr. Glynne Bowsher. In 2018 the battery market as we know it today did not exist. Installing the HE3DA® battery storage system in these extreme conditions was an experiment that confirmed and exceeded our expert estimates of battery robustness and longevity. An important finding was that the HE3DA® battery is an excellent replacement for lead-acid batteries and can be easily connected to any system that uses lead-acid batteries today.

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